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Mother drowning saved - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I dreamt of saving my mother while she was fishing , she got drowned and I pulled her out and saved her.

THE REALITY The dreamer was waiting for her Ph.D. acceptance result. It was a long and difficult wait which was wearing the dreamer down. For the moment she could not move forward before she knew the result. It was extremely frustrating.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Drowning in dreams link to issues which are overwhelming you. In this case there was one issue which was overwhelming the dreamer. He wished to hear the results of his Ph.D. acceptance.

Mothers often link to issues involving emotions. They can symbolise your need to sort something out once and for all - in other words you need closure. In this sense the fishing probably links simply to the wish to find out his results.

Symbolic Meanings
DROWN : "overwhelmed by issue"
FISHING : "trying to see what your feelings are on something"
MOTHER : "a safe emotional path "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I feel so powerless. I am waiting for my exam results and cannot do anything until they arrive."

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