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Punky song dream

THE DREAM Punky song. I was somewhere with Radio One DJ Scott Mills. I was listening to this song and thought it was really good. It was quite punky and I started to jump up and down dancing to it.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer had woken up about an hour earlier and listened to the radio (Scott Mills who appeared in the dream). Whilst listening then he was told about a feature that day whereby they would replay each Radio One DJ's favourite live performance from the summer festivals. They would be replayed in order of popularity. When the dreamer woke up in real life this feature had just begun and the song that woke the dreamer was quite punky. This punky song featured in his dream. So the dream was about the dreamer being woken by an unusually loud song from the radio which was a bit out of place for that time of the day (punk rather than pop)

DREAM ANALYSIS: This dream seems to be a distraction dream. The dream was able to hear noises from a radio whilst he slept. The dream is interesting as the dreamer not only was aware of the noises around him but he was also able to decide that he liked the song playing at that moment.

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