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Dream - kiss co-worker and bathtub massage

This dreamer was clearly sexually attracted to the man in the dream. She was however trying not to show these feelings. Yet sexual desire will always come out in dreams

THE DREAM - I'm in one of my kids room with the door open and I'm naked in bed. My co-worker is sucking on my left breast and it feels VERY GOOD. Only it feels like we're at work and I say to him we should stop because this doesn't seem like work. We decide to go in the bathroom. He goes in first but when I follow him into the bathtub and go to kiss him he's turned to water and gone up the hose of the shower massage.

THE REALITY The dreamer had several dreams about this co-worker and they usually happened when she had let down her emotional guard against him.. She was attracted to him - but she also knew enough about him to know that he was not someone to be involved with.

THE INTERPRETATION Often water in dreams refers to emotional energies and with people they refer to emotional connections. In this dream the water maybe refers to sexual attraction. The dreamer also stated that she did not want to let down her guard - she maybe was attracted to him but she had other considerations(possibly why she was sitting on her child's bed).

The shower is a very refreshing symbol. It shows attraction. She felt him in the water. The shower massage shows that she felt his ability to affect her. She wanted to resist this. Massages often are symbols of people trying to influence you by getting you to drop your guard.

Symbolic Meanings
BATHTUB : "relaxing in some feeling - feeling pleasure for this man"
BED : "the dreamers personal situation - she would only have a relationship if the man respected her children"
SHOWER : "letting down your emotional guard - the dreamer realises she fancies this man"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I do fancy a guy at work but I know what he is like. He is not really an option for me. But I do fancy him and sometimes he can tell when I let my emotional guard down."

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