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Decorating for the Queen dream

THE DREAM Decorating for the queen? I am in some room. There is the Queen there. I am there to help her with something. There is some kind of cage type thing like a bird cage but probably not. There is this little ornament. Its entirely made of gold and other rich substances. I am studying it closely. Its like an ornamental umbrella - I am not sure I remember what it was but it was like an ornament and very elaborate. There seemed to be some connection to a wedding anniversary or jubilee or some great celebration gathering. I am helping the queen in some way. Its like I was decorating the room but I was using the ornament to make lots of THINGS. And we start top plan and prepare this ornament. I give instructions to some other workmen about this is how we are going to have to do it. I am saying we do one and then quickly do the rest. I was hanging things from the ceiling like you hang wall paper.

THE REALITY The dreamer was making a web site for a friend. He was thinking through the graphic design and also the layout. He wished to make a good job of everything and was paying attention to detail.

DREAM ANALYSIS The dreamer had now turned his attentions to this web site. He was thinking creatively on the layout and design of the site. It had to be planned exactly as the dreamer made web sites using computer programming methods. The site was automated. The dream mimics real life as at that time he was studying in great detail the site and the way it would work. The dream catches symbolically the same process in his head.

The Queen is symbolic of his friend. He wished to make a special effort to get everything exactly right for her. The decorations symbolised her various artworks.

Some of the objects in the dream reminded the dreamer of the artwork of his friend. She had some unusual cage type pieces of art.

Symbolic Meanings
DECORATE : "The dreamer was thinking through how to layout and design the graphics for the web site"
GOLDEN : "The very best"
ORNAMENTS : "The exhibits to go on this artists web site"
QUEEN : "The dreamer was trying to make a special effort to get everything exactly right"
TOP DOWN : "The dreamer was designing using a top down approach. He had to know exactly what was required on each page as the site was made in a systematic way"
WORKMEN : "working on the project"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been thinking through how to make this new website. I want to pay attention to detail. I am thinking more in terms of a top down approach "

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