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Dream symbol - upside down helicopter

THE DREAM I am in some building. There is my sister there. I tell her that I have won the lottery. I try to make sure that the ticket is safe. Everything is already won yet I have to get past the weekend. Later I am in some building. My grandparents are there and later there is a helicopter which appears to be upside down and then I realise that it is crashing.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been working on a project. This was a major achievement and would improve things at work making things a lot simpler in the long run. However, the dreamer felt that he had had this sense that things would get better very shortly for a long time. He was really getting caught up in delays and needed to get back to work.

THE INTERPRETATION Helicopters and aircraft are very predictable symbols. They usually will link to day to day wishes to get something moving very quickly. In this case the dreamer did have a project he wished to get moving very quickly. Yet although he had made great efforts the finishing touches seemed to be taking an awful long time.

The weekend maybe links to his realization that he had been resting for a while and not made major progress in the final stages of this project. He needed to simply get back to work on the finishing touches.

Grandparents are symbols of the passage of time and so link here to the feeling that something had gone on for too long. The crash of the plane symbolised the feeling that indeed that urgency was missing. There really was no priority and effort being placed on the final stages.

Although the dreamer did feel emotions associated with winning the lottery - that his life would be changed by the major work he was doing. It would make his life a lot simpler and easier.

Dream Symbols
GRANDPARENTS : "the passage of time(in this case something is taking too long) - the changes the dreamer is making at work are taking too long. Delays seem to be dogging everything"
HELICOPTER : "wanting to get something off the ground - the planned improvements at work seem to be crashing down"
LOTTERY : "something that will change your life and make things much easier - yet the dreamer is realising this eagerly awaited day will not arrive"
SISTER : "think openly and freely on a subject - he is starting to emotionally accept that things will not change"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I keep hoping my ideas will make things a lot simpler for me at work. But the improvements seem stuck in delays. No real progress has been made."

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