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I still love him dream

DREAM - fatefulI had a dream about my boyfriend who has just broken up with me. I am reading my Facebook book page which has a picture of him and I am saying that I still love him after three years. It was an extremely vivid dream.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer had just broken up with her boyfriend. She was getting mixed signals from him about him getting back together. He did not want to give her false hope.

DREAM ANALYSIS: Some dreams are linked to how the mind analyses and assesses real life. Other dreams aare simply emotional dreams which mirror strong feelings in real life. This seems to be an emotional dream. It probably catches this exact thought "I am talking with my ex about getting back together. I hope he does get back with me. I would be desolate. I could imagine myself writing on my Facebook account in three years time how I still love him."

The dream is a very vivid dream which also hints at the dream being an emotional dream. Vivid dreams can often simply mirror strong feelings. In this dream they explore a worst possible scenario, that she does not get back with her ex.

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