My mother is dying dream interpretation

If you never see someone then they are effectively dead to you.

THE DREAM I have had a reoccurring dream for a few months now, It occurs every few weeks or so but it always the same basic thing. In these dreams I receive notice that my mother is dying (who is in relatively good health, as opposed to my father who has bad health) and I try so hard to get to her in time but I am never able to. I remember one scene of one of the dreams is that I am running down a winding, dirt path to try and get to her but I am never able to get to her or see her before she dies.

THE REALITY The dreamer has decided to enlist in the Peace Corps. This was a hard choice for him since he is extremely close with his family.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Death in dreams signifies change and transition. The dream then could be about a major change looming in the dreamers life. In this case there is a major change looming he is going to join the Peace Corps.

Mothers in dream generally link to emotions. In many cases they can show our concern for someone. They can also show our worries. In this sense they symbolise the dreamers home environment. This provides safety and security. There is always someone on hand to help him and show sympathy. If he joins the Peace Corps then much of that safe environment disappears. So in effect that element of his life dies when he leaves home. That is why his mother dies in the dream.

Symbolic Meanings
MOTHER : "the security and stability that the dreamers home environment provides"
MOTHER DIES : "if he moves abroad then that life with his family will die "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have enlisted with the Peace Corps. This is a hard decision for me to make since I am going to have to leave my family whom I am very close to."

See how the dreams symbols link to a decision the dreamer has just made

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