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Kinky realtor dream

THE DREAM - I was having a kinky experience with a friend of mine and he was dominating me. Whips chains the whole nine yards! Well during this my Realtor came in the room and began to ummm have relations with me as well he was very sweet and concerned with my feelings. My friend was very mad that he wouldn't be rough and he was trying to actually hurt me. The door swung open and it was my husband (who is in know way the type to share me with any other man) and he took control of the situation he began treating me roughly, calling me names and telling the other guys to be rough with me. OK well since I don't know how much detail I can use on here! By the end of the evening my Realtor came to me apologizing for the acts that took place my husband looked at me left the room and the friend untied me and left me lay there. I fell asleep in the dream and woke the only evidence anything had happened was bite marks on my shoulders and whelps on my rear end!

THE REALITY I write Erotica, have been for many years. I can be in any situation and make a story out of it. I sat down and wrote a story pretty good one I must say LOL about the whole experience. However since I had this dream every single dream I have is fish eyes and decaying fish eyes.

THE INTERPRETATION Many people who write often take ideas from dream . The writer Graham Greene uses this method. The creative zones within the mind are located in the dream mind - the unconscious - so this is no coincidence.

This dream features a house. Often people see houses as symbols of The Self. That maybe occasionally true but often dream houses refer to specific areas of your life - not personality issues. So in some ways house dream are about specific issues. They therefore represent an idea or an approach to some issue. It is a construction of our mind - a set of thoughts which together hang together to make some coherent form. So the house in this dream represents an idea that the mind is testing out.

A Realtor(estate agent) is a person who judges the value a house. A good rule in dream is that if you get an unusual symbol(Realtor) then in defining it you must include the word THOUGHT or FEELING into the definition. So in that way the Realtor is symbolic of testing out the value of an idea. The dreamer used the dream as inspiration for a new story. The dream represented a new sense of enthusiasm. It helped generate ideas.

Symbolic Meanings
REALTOR : thinking through the value of an idea - thinking through the value of an idea from her subconscious

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - I write erotic stories. This dream inspired me to write a story.

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