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Castle competition dream

THE DREAM I seem to be observing a competition. There seems to be around four castles. There is a competition to see which one is the best. It is about which is the strongest. Each castle has a king and the different kings and queens all give different reactions.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been thinking over his approach to his work. He had devised one or two new ideas. Now he was wanting to see in practice if one approach was better than the others. He was going to judge which was best by the reactions that each approach received.

THE DREAM INTERPRETATION If you take dream as linking to new thoughts emerging on the day before the dream then this dream is easily explainable. The dreamer had been thinking about how to get his approach to work exactly right. He needed to know how much information to allow people to make a decision. He had been thinking through several approaches each of which were different in slightly small ways.

Try to see how vital themes appear in the dream and in reality. The dream features a competition to see which castle was "the best". In real life the dreamer was trying to see which method was "best". This is at the heart of the dreams meaning. Ignore everything else and just concentrate on this theme of "searching for the best".

In real life the dreamer had said that he had been thinking how he might test how strong an approach was by seeing how people react. Notice how the word "react" appears in the dream. This is vital to understanding the dream which simply captures the feeling "I want to know the best method. I will try out each method and see which is best in practice by seeing how people react." So the dream seems to link to a strange story about castles and kings. Actually its easy to see how two key words appear in the dream and in reality - "the best" and "reaction."

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