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Dream - ex tickling my daughters feet

THE DREAM I was at my grandmothers house throughout the dream and I could feel that there was a demon present and I was walking through the house with my mother and my aunt, and we walked under a staircase that comes out of the ceiling leading up to the attic, my aunt tried to discretely close it like she was trying to hide something. As I walked under it I felt an intense fear come over me and felt as if something was watching me. I walked down the hall way and was alone, walked down the stairs trying to get away from this intense fear I was feeling. As I reached the end of the stairs I noticed my 2 year old daughter (whom I have in real life) sleeping on the couch so I went and laid down with her. As I was holding her in my arms I opened my eyes because the fear grow stronger and at the top of the stairs I saw the demon, he was enormous and black almost like a shadow or spirit. He looked at me then started sprinting towards us. He stopped right at the couch where we were laying. He started messing with my daughter to get at me, to frighten me more. He tickled her back and her feet just smirking at me as he was doing it. I tried to scream but nothing could come out. All that came out were short soft noises like "aah...ahhh." I was trying to scream for help but that's all that would come out. In the dream my daughter was giggling because he was tickling her. I woke up from the dream to my daughter laughing at me because I was doing the "AH AH AH" in my sleep.

GUESSWORK 1. The dream could have been influenced by outside noises. The dreamers daughter was watching her during her sleep and was laughing at her when she woke up.
2. The day before the dreamer was fighting with her ex (her daughters father) who she had left about 6 months ago due to his alcoholism, lack of keeping a job and his emotional and occasional physical abuse to her. They were fighting about financial debts that they have together and who was going to pay what.

ASSOCIATIONS AND SYMBOLISM - HIDING. The dreamer wanted to hide her feelings from her daughter.
- DEMON. This could represent her ex boyfriend or her own worst tendencies.
- UNABLE TO SCREAM. The dreamer is unwilling or unable to express strong feelings. Certainly the dreamer was able to express her anger towards her ex. But she would be wary of showing feelings in front of her daughter which might scare her.

ANALYSIS If the dreamer is aware of other people or noises around her then a dream can easily be polluted by these. If the mind is 'distracted' then the dreamer will not be able to concentrate properly.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I had a terrible time with my ex last night and was wanting to show my feelings in my dream but I became aware that my daughter was watching me. I do not like showing bad emotions in front of her."

See how the dreams symbols capture the dreamers thoughts as she became aware of her daughters presence.

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