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Playboy Mansion dream interpretation

THE DREAM My dream starts out with a girl who seems to be my friend in this dream. She was a beautiful, blonde, perfect body. She convinced me to come with her to the playboy mansion. I definitely wanted to go but I was a little nervous. She introduced me to Hugh Hefner and I wasn't interested in him at all. We walked into a large room that looked like a court yard with a fountain and a bar. I spoke with a body guard and he made me feel a little uneasy. Next thing I know I'm taking a yoga class or something with all these other playboy models. I stood up from whatever I was doing and knocked over something. Next thing I know everyone was staring at me. There was this elegant woman in her 50's (I'm 25) and she took me over to the side and said that I was special and wanted to talk to me in privet. Everyone watched us walk into this glass room with plants and a marble bench. I could see them doing there exercises with Hugh. I could see them but they couldn't see me. This woman was opening up to me and telling me her feelings about the place and her life. Then she told me she was attracted to me. I knew the discussion was over but I was intrigued by this woman. I wanted to know more about her. I wanted to get to know her. All of a sudden she grabs me and starts making out with me. I felt passionate content. Then I realized what I was doing and so did she and we stopped mutually. I was fine about what happened. We walked out of the glass house and I went back to the class.

THE REALITY The dreamer is trying to move forward after being raped. She finds it difficult to enjoy the company of men in the way she would like to. She has been seeing a therapist to help her. She is an attractive woman and gets lots of numbers and whistles whilst on the bus to work.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Well the Playboy Mansion has got to be some kind of sexual symbol. In this case the dreamer has been raped and is undergoing therapy to help her understand herself a little more. So its likely that this is the background knowledge around which the dream rests.

Houses in dreams tend to link to our own personalities. They symbolise issues which involve us looking at our own behavior and monitoring our own actions. Mansions and other large houses tend to involve the effects of the outside world on our own personalities. They symbolise major events and situations which are shaping our thinking. In this case the mansion probably represents the dreamers own therapist. The therapist is helping her understand herself and her actions. So the dream probably represents her own attempts at self knowledge and improvement.

The Yoga class is probably a specific symbol for the therapist. The yoga class symbolises attempts to calm herself down and become more peaceful within her own mind.

The woman in the dream is a playboy model and also a lot older. Perhaps the age represents her need to grow up and become more responsible and thoughtful for her own life. The dreamer is not unattractive in real life so the playboy model represents how she is attempting through therapy to become more at ease with her sexuality.

In the end though she pulls back from the kiss. The woman in the dream represents an ideal which has been built up within her mind. She has been pointed in a direction by her therapist but although she wants to pursue this ideal and maybe agrees with it as a goal she somehow is failing to achieve this in reality. That she is not quite ready to be totally at ease with her own sexuality.

Symbolic Meanings
PLAYBOY MANSION : "attempts by the dreamers therapist to help the dreamer come to terms with sexual issues"
YOGA CLASSES : "specific help to the dreamer - lessons in becoming more relaxed with her sexuality"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was raped and I am trying to come to terms with this. I am trying to have a more mature attitude towards sex. My therapist has been helping me to grow as a person."

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