Giant cat attacking me

The dreamer was woken up by her kitten pawing her. Clearly this dream of a gigantic cat was linked to this dream.

THE DREAM - I was being chased by a gigantic cat! I ran into a barn but the cat was right behind me. I ran to the very last stall in the barn, closed the stall gate and hid in the hay in the back corner. Still, I could not escape the cat. The monstrous beast stuck her leg through the gate and pawed at me with her claws. I tried to press myself back against the wall as best I could but her claws were coming closer and closer. I wriggled my head from side to side and shouted NO! Then my eyes shot open as my dream ended and what did I see?! My little kitten was sitting on my chest and batting my nose with her paw!! I had my head shoved back into my pillow trying to avoid this annoyance. I gave her hug and another toy and went back to sleep.

THE REALITY The dreamer woke up to find her kitten pawing her face.

THE INTERPRETATION Distraction dreams record your thoughts about something which is disturbing your dream. They will sometimes entirely take over your dream as in this case. This dream took place whilst the dreamers pet kitten was pawing her. The dream captured the dreamers emotions as she was trying to make sense of this 'attack'. As we sleep we hear things and feel things. The mind tries to make sense of what is going on around us. It will also tend to fear the worst - its about sensing danger.

Also in this case the dream represents the dreamers own feelings during sleep. When asleep we are paralysed so a cat pawing you will feel so much worse as you cannot escape it as easily.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
GIANT CAT: "her own kitten"
TRYING TO AVOID: "wanting to avoid her own kitten"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was being pawed by my kitten during sleep"

See how the dream symbols capture the dreamers wish to avoid her own kitten which was pawing her during her sleep

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