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Completely crushed dream

THE DREAM I was tidying up sorting out books. I was sorting through some books which I would keep hidden. Later I was coming back into the house with a large back garden and a rubbish wagon was coming up the drive. It started to edge closer sideways and I was completely crushed.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: The dreamer woke up in a most uncomfortable position on his front. He felt very crushed as in the dream.

DREAM ANALYSIS If our mind is not distracted it may be able to think about the main emotional issues of our lives. However, if we are distracted during sleep then we start to think about what is distracting us during sleep. If we want to go to the toilet then the symbols may link to that strong urge. If we hear something then that noise is incorporated into the dream. If we are in pain that pain is incorporated into the dream.

In this case the dreamer was sleeping in a very uncomfortable position. His pain in the dream mirrored real life as he woke up feeling uncomfortable. The rest of the story, featuring a Dustbin wagon was merely a vehicle to express that pain.

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