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I met my mum in my dreams

This dreamer dreamt about her mother because she stilled loved her dearly and missed her. Emotionally her mother was still alive and well in her feelings.

DREAM - I meet my mum in my dreams My mum is already dead, today is her first year...I saw hear in my dream smiling and claps her hands..she look very happy than I saw her in my dreams before.

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION:the day before, I feel worry I don't have money to send to my sister for the death anniversary of my mum..i want them to prepare something for my mum remember, because I am in Hong Kong and they are in Philippine..but my friend of mind is so nice after I talk to her about my problem after that she let me borrow the money then I can send it to my sister..i am very happy that day..then I dream my mum she look so happy. What is the meaning of that?
COMMENT Its extremely difficult with dreams about deceased people. Maybe it is a dream with a link to your dead mother. Maybe you have some telepathic contact with her in some other world. That's just speculation. I cannot say one way or another.Many dreams just tell us how we feel. Often I get a happy dream following on from a happy day. I think that could be the case here. You key emotion right now is joy ... good feelings towards her ... celebrating the memory ... showing how much you thought of her. It just shows how much you loved her.
by Unclesirbobby
COMMENT Gee willikres, that's such a great post!
by Shanna

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