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Giant tree dream

THE DREAM There was a giant tree in the backyard of my current home. Upon finding this I felt as though I must cut the tree down. Upon further inspection I found that there were two smaller trees, but would later find I could not eliminate these trees either, because they were rooted back to the original giant tree. In order to cut the tree down, I knew exactly what tools I needed, and where they were, but upon going to retrieve them, I realized I walked from my current back yard, through my childhood home, and into the garage there. Everything was as it had been, when I lived there 6 years ago. I had someone helping me try to cut down the trees, but after hours of work, nothing had actually happened. In addition, it felt as if what I was doing was actually dismembering the tree.

THE REALITY The dreamer was unhappy at the time of the dream. She had been in a happy relationship but it broke down after an unplanned pregnancy. Her family blame her for breaking up a perfectly good relationship that was "marriage bound". The dreamer was looking for some support from her family but they were not giving her this.

DREAM ANALYSIS The dreamers mind was dominated at that time by just the one issue so its fair to say that the dream would be likely to link to that. If we cannot stop thinking of an issue which is alive in our minds then we will dream about it.

Looking at the symbols its very clear that this dream is very much linked to this issue. Trees link to permanent parts of our lives. They symbolise relationships which run deep in our lives and are very important to us. Here there are three trees. They are all linked together in some way. Well that is an almost perfect metaphor for this situation. The three trees symbolise the child which has been lost,the dreamers boyfriend and her family. These are all important to her. The chopping down of the tree probably links to the abortion. But the trees are connected together in this dream because it captures the way that the dreamers family,her aborted child and her relationship are linked together in one larger issue. Her family are unhappy with her because the relationship has been broken up and a perfectly good relationship ended. So they are unwilling to give her support because of this. These issues are not separate and that's the heart of the problem.

Symbolic Meaning
DISMEMBERING : "bitter emotions and relationships torn apart"
TREE : "a permanent and important part of our lives"
THREE TREES : "the trees stand for her family, her relationship and her aborted child"

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