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Dream symbols - teacher and young people

THE DREAM - I am outside and there is a character from a soap opera who is a teacher and another three young kids, one who is an actress in another soap, who is called Haley. The teacher says "This is great - it is like we are meant to be together

THE REALITY The dreamer was the process of writing a report. She wanted to put across some ideas in a popular and understandable way. She wanted them to be accessible and cut across boundaries - rather than written in jargon.

THE INTERPRETATION The teacher in the dream(a grown man) was mixing with popular young teenage girls. That represented the wish to bring ideas down to the level of the average person. The teacher was mixing naturally with the students. The three girls were also young and that often represents enthusiasm. The teacher was much older and age often represents wisdom and experience. So the dreamer was trying to meld together a sense of enthusiasm and strong and wise ideas. Girls often represent openness to new ideas - females are more open to communication and hence symbolise a willingness to listen to new ideas. These were all characters from a soap opera and maybe represented how this was a continuing theme that the ream was trying to concentrate on - it was a serial within her life.

Dream Symbols
KIDS : "wanting to write the report in an enthusiastic way"
TEACHER : "wanting to put across serious ideas"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am in the process of writing a report. But I want to write this in a clear and intelligible way and avoid jargon. I want to put some enthusiasm into it."

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