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Dream interpretation - boyfriend spends a lot of money on another girl

Try to see what conceptual emotions a dream portrays. This dream links to the thought "me boyfriend never does anything special for me "

THE DREAM I was in a room with my boyfriend and I found out he took a girl he works with out for a valentines meal and it cost over £200.

THE REALITY The dreamer argued with her boyfriend for ages because he did not do anything for her on Valentines Day.

DREAM INTERPRETATION In this dream it is easy to spot what has caused the dream as it mentions Valentines Day and it was clearly an issue in their relationship. So this dream shows clearly that this is an issue for her. There maybe one or two clues as to what exactly those strong feelings are.

Money in dreams is symbolic of effort and value. A £200 dinner shows that he cares and has shown a great deal of effort in making her feel special. But the money is spent on someone else. She clearly feels a sense of jealousy and feels left out. It may even be that the dreamers friend from work has been talking about her own very special valentines day meal.

Symbolic Meanings
£200 MEAL : "the dreamers boyfriend should have made a big effort and shown how much he values her"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My boyfriend just didn't do anything special for Valentines Day. My friends got so much more!"

See how the dreams meaning links in with the symbolic meanings discussed earlier

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