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Helpless child dream

DREAM - Little boy with no name I was in a shamble of a house and found this little boy about four years old, I asked him, "what is your name". And he sadly replied, " I have no name, my mother did not love me and did not give me a name." and I was so saddened by this I was gonna take him to find his mother to find out why. We loaded up in a car a black small car he was in the back I was passenger, an unknown man driving. The atmosphere is dismal and dreary. I then saw an alligator in the yard and started to panic because the unknown man started to throw water on it. I yelled, "NO don't do that!" Then the alligator turned toward me and the boy so i threw him up on the roof to the car and climbed up behind him. Then the alligator was finding these turtles and eating them. and they got bigger and bigger the alligator and turtles. I turned to the boy and asked him, "What is your name?". Again he says, " I have no name my mother did not love me enough to give me a name."

BACKGROUND INFORMATION the dreamers life was in crisis as he was homeless, jobless, and moneyless.

DREAM ANALYSIS: The dream depicts an unhappy place where the strong seem to survive and the weak are unloved and end up helpless victims. This was an accurate metaphor for the dreamers feelings as he was homeless and in a real crisis.

Notice how the main character is a child. This little boy was a symbol for the dreamers feelings of helplessness and vulnerability (metaphor "as helpless and vulnerable as a child").

The alligator is a symbol of the harsh world for anyone who is homeless. The alligator is ruthless and powerful, and is symbolic of the forces ranged against the homeless.

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