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Place on plane

THE DREAM I am walking into town from my childhood home. I realise that I have lost my camera. I am a little upset. I turn around and try to see where I have misplaced it. I start to cross the road desperately trying to find the camera. I realise that there are people on the other side of the road and they will pick up my camera. I realise that its a lost cause and give up and carry on walking. I pass a child and its parent. I see a cupcake and pick it up - knowing its probably the child's (so its stealing). I just want it for myself.

GUESSWORK: (the guesswork stage of a dream involves thinking of an issue which has been on the dreamers mind and then testing out the dream to see if the symbolic meanings could represent that new thought or intuition)

The dreamer was suffering from ill health. He was not able to do the things he used to do. He was wanting to recover his health and vitality - but this was looking increasingly difficult as time went by. The previous night he had met a younger woman and wanted to date her.

1. LOST: In real life losing something generally refers to a lost item - but in dreams this will more than likely capture a feeling of loss. In this case the dreamers health had been deteriorating and he had stopped doing many things. So the dreamer was feeling as if he 'lost' a portion of his life.
2. GIVING UP: In the dream the dreamer 'gives up'. If a similar feeling has occurred in real life then its a fair assumption that the dream has captured this key feeling. In real life the dreamer had started to 'give up' - he was very much feeling his age. So in many ways he was ready to give up on life and accept his failing health.
3. WANTING SOMETHING THAT IS NOT YOURS: In the dream the dreamer wants something that is not his - the child's ice cream. His most prominent feeling the night before concerned his attraction to a younger woman. He started to develop feelings for her. The dream probably captures his wish to start a relationship with her. A chocolate cupcake was a related symbol - cakes and chocolates can be symbols for things that we like (in this way a cake could be a symbol for an attractive woman).

DREAM MEANINGS: The dream deals with the following themes.
- Giving up on something
- Losing something

If you weave together the dreams symbolic meanings and relate it to some intuitive thoughts and feelings linked to the dreamers real life then you find the dream could capture this thought - "I have been suffering from ill health and I am losing the ability to do many things as my health fails. Yesterday I met a younger woman and really fancy her. I suppose I am deluding myself though"

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