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choking puppies dream analysis

We can hear sounds in dreams and we try to make sense of them. Whilst asleep this dreamer was listening to mice which had been caught in mouse traps. The screaming puppies in the dream were symbolic of the dreamers guilt at killing innocent creatures.

THE DREAM I had a dream I was choking puppies.

GUESSWORK The dreamer had a mouse problem and could hear screaming mice caught in traps whilst he was asleep.

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1. Puppies: Puppies were an excellent symbol here and showed the dreamers guilt at killing little creatures. Puppies are always sweet and innocent and choking them to death would be something that the dreamer would never do. It captures the guilt feelings within the dreamer and probably links to this exact emotion - "I feel really guilty killing those little creatures. They are only little mice and so harmless. I know I have got to do it but it does make me feel guilty".

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