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A disturbance dream

THE DREAM I was near to my childhood home. There was some kind of disturbance going on like fighting. There was a woman writing something and then smiling then writing then smiling. Each time she would pause.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION I woke up and the radio was still on. There was a play of some kind with a crowd being roused by a man speaking. The writing then smiling and then pause reminded the dreamer of the speech the man was making.

DREAM ANALYSIS: If there is some kind of noise going on around you whilst you sleep then it's very possible that the dream incorporates some of the noises into the storyline. In fact the storyline may revolve around those noises.

This dreamer had fallen asleep with the radio on and it seems likely that the dream linked to those noises. The disturbance in the dream may have linked to the rousing speech in a radio drama which continued on after the dreamer woke.

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