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Dream analysis - crying hysterically in car dealership

In real life the dreamer had been hysterical the night before - that mood clearly spilled over into her dream world.

THE DREAM Last night I dreamt that I took my car to the dealer for service. I had a laptop in it. I turn around and the car is already gone. I am hysterical. Crying there at the dealership like crazy. Supposedly the guy I'm dealing with there is a caring guy, so he makes me feel a little better.

THE REALITY The dreamer was coming close to the end of her first extension of unemployment. She was worried that she will not get the 2nd. That day she was close to tears talking to one of her previous co-workers about her situation

DREAM ANALYSIS It is not difficult to interpret many dreams. Many dreams are about common themes. This dreamer was unemployed so every now and again at key moments expect dreams about this. This dream was easy to spot. She was getting upset about being unemployed. It was a key point in her feelings. She really was getting worried. It was this pivotal moment that generated the dream.

In another person this dream maybe could represent something else. But for this dreamer the car disappearance was about money and material items. These were in danger of disappearing as she worried she would be unable to pay the bills. The dream was highly emotional

Dream Dictionary Meanings
CARING GUY : "A need for some sympathy and support"
CRYING HYSTERICALLY : "The dreamer is close to breaking point worrying about her unemployment extension"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am coming to a breaking point worrying about my unemployment extension. I broke out in tears today."

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