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Huge battle fleet dream

THE DREAM I was on the land and had been trying to do something. I was trying to think of ways round various problems. Later I was wading into the sea and saw this huge fleet of ships. It was an ancient fleet of warships, from around the time of the Tudors or Shakespeare. There had been some battle or fight. It was an epic struggle.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer had been very busy recently with four major tasks. It had been a huge struggle. At the same time he had been pressured to update a maritime history website. Once he had completed his other tasks he could turn his attention this history project.

DREAMM ANALYSIS Look for simple associations with dreams. In real life the dreamer had faced "a huge struggle" at work trying to complete four tasks. In the dream there had also been "a huge struggle" in some kind of battle. The very fact that a similar phrase was used in each case suggests that the two are connected. The "struggle" in the dream was a symbol for the "struggle" in real life.

You may think that these symbols are too general to having any meaning. There are very few people who could not think of anything in their lives where the phrase "a huge struggle" had some relevance. But this is not the case as most dreams are in the here and now. They represent thoughts from yesterday. They are symbols for thought processes that you might write down in a diary or tell a best friend. Actually there are very few things which might fit into the metaphor "a huge struggle" if you are just restricting yourself to the day before and day to come.

So in this case the dreamer made a simple connection. The "struggle" in his dream was a symbol for the huge struggle at work as he had to complete four major tasks. This had bene "like a battle". It had been an "epic task". Several of these symbols in the dream applied to this real life situation.

There was another clear association. The dreamer had been thinking about the major tasks he had to complete at work when a friend asked him to help him with a maritime history project. The dreamer had been making the maritime history society's website and was now been asked to update it at a time when the dreamer was very busy at work. The dream takes place on land and then the dreamer wades into the sea. This almost plays out the dreamers thought process "When I have finished my epic struggle at work with these four huge tasks I will have to then help out with the maritime history society." You can see how the phrase "wading into the sea" almost entirely plays out the thought "I will turn my attentions to the maritime history."

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