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Dream - new route not so steep

THE DREAM - I was in an area around where my grandma used to live before she died(a poor area). I was waiting at a bus shelter. The rain starts and someone is saying this is the only place without a bus shelter. I seem to stand purposefully in the rain.

There was some kind of child's game going on - cricket perhaps. I look at the school and its dinner time apparently. I then think I may as well walk home. I start the Eastfield route. It seems very steep indeed - it is almost like a mountain(in reality it is a flat road ). I then decide to go the other way - via Oliver's Mount(which is a very high road).

At some point I was also in a hotel. There was some connection with Australia. Then I am at some park. Dogs are running past me - they see me as a dog. I am making dog noises. Most of the dogs woosh by me. Then there a whole pack of dogs heading towards me. I am overwhelmed by them.

THE REALITY The dreamer was a teacher and was trying to put across some ideas. She was increasingly thinking that she should take a new approach - work backwards from the answer.

THE INTERPRETATION This was a difficult dream to interpret. But in the dream the message is simple - the dreamer takes a more difficult path which goes over a mountain. The chosen road also heads in the reverse direction first. So the dream relates to some situation where the dreamer takes a change of course choosing a seemingly tougher route.

The day before the dreamer was working through some ideas. She started the dream off in her grandmothers poor home. It was a rather run down area.

Perhaps the bus symbolises the hope that her approach would generate interest with the students. Buses are symbol of shared emotions - people been carried along by the situation. It was interest that the dreamer was trying to generate.

The reference to Australia was quite interesting. Australia is the other side of the world. So in some ways this reflected the need to turn things upside down. To explain things by firstly starting at the answer and then working backwards.

Hotels are symbols of the impact of the outside world on you. They signify the way we interact with the world. That maybe symbolises the impact the ideas would have on the children.

Dogs are symbols of many things. But they generally relate to things that are good for us. They symbolise ideas that are trusted. So to be treated like a dog symbolises how other people will trust you and listen to what you say. So that symbolises the way the teacher was hoping to gain trust for her ideas and ways of putting them across.

Symbolic Meanings
AUSTRALIA : "turn upside down - the dreamer was trying to teach a new method. She was working backwards from the answer"
BUS : "an experience shared with others - in this case her students"
DOG : "faith in some ideas and a wish for others to follow these ideas faithfully"
MOUNTAIN : "the mountain represents the more difficult but preferred option"
RAIN : "an unsettled outlook - in this case about her own teaching methods"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I keep trying to explain to my students some vital concepts. I think I am changing the way I teach. The dream captures my two approaches."

See how the symbolic meanings capture a vital thought about how the dreamer is trying to express himself

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