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Rescue a seal dream

THE DREAM In my dream my mother in law escorts me through a door. I try to tell her I'm in love with her other son.

She waves it away, saying she already knows and is not important at this moment. Her face and movements shows she is at peace with it.

When we through the door we are at pier, but there is a big seal on it, I'm a bit afraid but my mother in law tries to convince me than he is really harmless. To get where we want, where my mother in law guides me to, we need to move around the seal. While we do, I touch the seal, noticing there is a hole in it's fur. At the end of the pier we meet a man, I tell him about the seal. Within seconds there is a special boat to transport the seal to a clinic. My mother in law stays on land, while I am on board, racing over water to the clinic, with 2 other people. One starts to ask questions about my life. Where I normally feel some kind of distance to tell strangers this, I now feel totally calm and at ease and start telling them my story.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION Not sure if my marriage is going to make it. We have no emotional bonding for a few years. I do like my brother in law a lot. He sparks where my husband fails.

I'm on the point of making a life changing decision.

Do I continue my marriage or try to live my life as I think it should be. With love, emotional bonding, with someone else would, who wants this on the same level as I do.

Knowing I will be alone (with my children) before finding that person.

Posted at May 27, 2013, 02:01 by Jodi (Viewed times)

Unclesirbobby (POSTED May 27, 2013, 03: 1: 39)
Hi Jodi. sorry to hear about your marriage.

I think you understand the dream well enough. What is interesting is the part of your mother in law. She plays a prominent part in the dream. As you are thinking about divorce then you wish to stay on good terms with her.

Dreams are unusual and the seal in need of rescuing is a very bizarre symbol. I know people mention their dreams because of the strange symbols e.g. "then the astronaut started to dance and sing Barry Manilow songs".

What could this seal symbolize? Well, rescues can link to you feeling desperate and so in need of rescuing. Alternatively, rescues symbolize something good in people... people putting themselves in danger to help a soul in need. So your dream maybe taps into those types of emotions as you wish for something better for yourself eg "life must be better than this".

The dream does feature you meeting a man and that's fairly obviously linked to you wanting to meet a new soul mate. Someone who would care about the plight of the seal in the same way you would. Maybe that points to a failing in your husband - he would not have cared about the seal. Maybe he displayed such heartlessness recently in a similar situation and this helped you decide on divorce.

I would not worry about the brother in law part of the dream. That just shows you wanting someone better who displays the qualities of your brother in law. Or maybe your brother in law has recently shown how he would have saved the seal - in some similar situation recently. Maybe that also taps into the links to your mother in law. You are wondering how she will take to you when you tell her you want to be divorced. How would she react when you tell her things that she does not want to hear. Perhaps, wishing for her support after a possible divorce.

Jodi (POSTED May 31, 2013)
Thank you UncleSirBobby,

Parts of my dream I understood right away, your explanation helped me understand the rest.

Yes, my mother in law is a great person. She knows the difficulties we go through now. She has a very difficult relationship with my husband, she can relate to me much more. And I hope that our relationship stays on good terms.

And yes, Although my brother in law is great, I think it's really about his qualities, his believes. Where my husband lacks on many (to my view) very important points, my brother in law would show interest, he would save that seal.

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