Dream - girl dripping in blood

THE DREAM - I have had the same dream for seven days. I am in this run down old factory. There is this little girl - she can't be any more then 12 or 13. She is covered in blood which is just dripping from her hands and body even her hair. I cannot move as I just stand there staring at her as she just stands there not doing anything. It seems like hours.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been battling with cancer in her right kidney which had shut down. The doctors think she was winning the battle.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams can often be about health issues so always look out for changing thoughts and feelings connected to your current health status. This dreamer was suffering with cancer which is obviously going to generate lots of thoughts and feelings and with that will come dreams.

The state of buildings and surrounding can easily represent your own thoughts and even physical health. This run down building represents the state of her own health - run down after fighting cancer. If we are to assume this dream is about this health issue then it makes perfect sense. The blood represents the dreamers own physical and emotional pain as she fights cancer. The young girl probably represents the dreamers own youth - her own fading health being blighted while she has so much life left inside her. Overall it probably represents the dreamers own assessments of her shut down kidney and the effect it has had on her health.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
RUN DOWN FACTORY:"The dreamers own run down body"
GIRL COVERED IN BLOOD:"The emotional and physical affect of the cancer"

DREAM MEANING The dream has captured the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been battling with cancer for over a year. I seem to be winning but this it has affected me badly. My kidney has shut down and I lack energy."

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight into the dreamers health

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