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Watching a crocodile pacing along my road dream

Dreams can some how portray quite complex thoughts. In this case the phrase "I didn't want the crocodile to see that I had been watching it" seems to link to this thought process "I want to leave my job but I don't want my employers to know I am leaving or that will make them worse"

DREAM - Watching a crocodile pacing along my road I was looking out of my bedroom window late at night when I saw something climb out of the drain outside my house and run quickly out of view. I kept on peering out of the window for some time until it reappeared. It was clearly a crocodile and was moving very quickly. I remember being more shocked at how fast it moved as to having seen a crocodile on my street. It then went on to run into the neighbours houses and attack them. One of the victims looked like one of my colleagues. It wandered toasted my garden wall last and began to attack a passer by. At this point I ran downstairs and called me husband to come and look through the window with me because I was concerned about our cat being attacked in the garden. I screamed at my husband because he drew the curtains to wide open and I didn't want the crocodile to see that I had been watching it. At that point I woke up but was feeling very calm.

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION:I have been wanting to leave my job for some time now but worry about the job Market. Some of my colleagues have taken offence to me wanting to leave as they feel it reflects on the institution as a whole. I teach under fives in a nursery setting. The atmosphere is tense and I no longer want to be there. Last week I felt as if I was going to have a nervous breakdown. I no longer want to teach and sometimes feel that my boss allocated me to the nursery class upon completing my degree as a way of making me fed up and leave the job. Other times I feel like it's all in my head. I am a very confident and articulate women but I no longer like my job and want to do something else. On the other hand I'm scared of going into something unknown and failing. Now I just spend my days at work feeling angry and intensely stressed, often holding back tears.My husband is very supportive.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : I think this is the crucial part of your dream... "I didn't want the crocodile to see that I had been watching it"

Dreams are often about crucial points in our thinking. I read your dream and the background information. What crucial points in your thinking could we guess caused this dream? Well the most important point in your situation is that your employers KNOW that you want to leave. What is the best approach to this situation? You want to leave your job but don't want others to know that that's your intention.

Crocodiles could easily represent the threat of losing your job... or the threat that you will be badly treated because they KNOW YOU WANT TO LEAVE. a crocodile is something that you really want to avoid at all costs.

The whole dream to me catches this type of feeling... "I do not want them to know about my fears... I do not want to them know that I am aware of the dangers of leaving my job"

I think its about the mind games in this situation. Its about you trying to hide your true intentions. The best strategy as far as you leaving your job

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