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Small friendly village dream

DREAM - Small friendly village I was in a small friendly village. My father was there and we were talking in a chatty and friendly way. There was this hippy type community who lived with the village. At one point I started walking up this huge hill which was incredibly steep. It was icy and I saw this person in a wheelchair coming down and they started to lose control. Someone saw this and told a child further down the street to do something. The wheelchair was stopped from crashing badly.

THE REALITY Recently the dreamer had started to mix with more people. Previously he had been a total recluse. He was happy meeting people who had disabilities or who were hippies. He also met up regularly with his family.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The community in the dream was a mixture of the type of people that the dreamer was meeting. He had been very phobic of people and social situations. He still did not like meeting people who he did not feel comfortable with. However, he now felt quite comfortable within his own community of familiar people.

The dream seems to tap into this type of thought "I am a little better at mixing with people now. I don't mind meeting with my close family. I also don't mind hippy type people as I feel more comfortable with them. The people who I meet with will all tend to have respect and understanding of the disabled."

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