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Suffering from cancer dream

THE DREAM I am suffering from cancer in the dream. I have been trying to find a cure for it. However, at the end of the dream there I accept that nothing can be done.

THE REALITY The dreamer was not suffering from cancer. However, he had several physical illnesses which were making his life very difficult. Just recently he felt he was starting to overcome these problems. He had been rebuilding his social life. But the day before had been very empty. He had seen no one at all and was feeling very lonely. He started thinking about his illnesses and how they were destroying his life.

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams often link to key insights and thoughts. Often these have been forming the day prior to the dream. Trying to understand dream symbols can often be rather easy. In this case simply look to the day before and see what cancer could symbolize within our thoughts. In this case it was very easy to interpret the dream. The dreamer had been feeling a real sense of helplessness. His social life had seemed to have taken a nosedive. He had really tried to make new friends after ill health had taken away his job and friends.

Dreams use symbols which compare our thoughts to something similar. In this case cancer had several real similarities to how the dreamer felt. He felt a real sense as if nothing could be done. His illnesses were eating away and destroying his life.

Symbolic Meanings
CANCER : "The dreamer was feeling a sense of hopelessness and believed that nothing could be done to help his rebuild his social life"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I really cannot overcome these illnesses I have. They destroy my social life. "

See how the Symbolic Meanings above weave together to form a key insight in the DREAM MEANING

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