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Set dogs on rapists dream

THE DREAM I dreamt that a group of about 20 men were going to rape me so I set my dogs on them, but it did not end there, instead of running away 3 of the men got hold of my puppy and hurt him buy putting sticks and other objects where they should not be. In the end I managed to get my dog away from them but was still raped.

THE REALITY The dreamer had recently been promoted. She had a choice of two jobs but now thinks that she may have made the wrong choice. The day before the dream she had a really tough day. Her boss gave her a hard time and made her feel like she was not good enough and that he had made a wrong choice by offering her the promotion in the first place.

DREAM ANALYSIS Rape in dreams often links to issues where we feel powerless and abused. So this issue from the previous day is an ideal explanation for the dream. Dreams often link to thoughts alive in our minds from the previous day. Its just a matter of making the connection.

The dream features the dreamers dogs. This is a symbol of loyalty and devotion to the company she works for. She feels that she has been given a promotion so was devoted to her boss in the way that a dog is devoted to its owner. So the further abuse of the dog could symbolise an extra and added feeling of abuse within the dreamer. Its probably the equivalent of saying "It feels so unfair as I was trying so hard and tried to do as I was told. I felt a sense of duty to my employer but now I feel that has been thrown back in my face".

Symbolic Meanings
20 MEN : "aggressive and male emotions - How aggressive should employers be allowed to act?"
CONTINUED RAPE : "It was worse when he made me feel that I was not worthy of promotion"
PUPPY : " I was so devoted and was trying to do my best "
RAPE : "I felt humiliated when he criticised my work performance"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have recently been promoted at work. But yesterday my employer said that he made a bad choice in promoting me. I felt really abused because I had been trying so hard."

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