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Death comes to kill me dream

THE DREAM I am talking to him on MSN. He has won a contest and I am congratulating him. We are both really happy. After a moment, the computer disappears into thin air, and while he is never actually in the same room as me, we continue talking with each other. The whole time, I can hear his voice in my head, and he can hear me, even though we are so far apart. It is even still really surprising to me how clearly I could hear him even though I couldn't see him, and how real everything seemed.

Eventually, he asks me to leave the room I am in because he wants me to meet his friends. I walk out the doorway and find myself in a hallway that is painted bright orange. There are colours everywhere - bright blue, green, and yellow being just a few of the most common ones. I am still talking to him in my head as he introduces me to his friends, who are each represented by brightly coloured pictures on the wall. Each picture seems very beautiful and unique in it's own right, and I feel like I am connecting with all of these people even though they are really just pictures.

The setting shifts so that all of a sudden I am back in the classroom where I first met him. I am sitting at the front of the class, and I look to my right and discover that he is sitting right next to me. I am ecstatic to see him again. The class begins, and the professor enters the room. Except that it's not the professor that we originally had. Instead, the professor is Death. So in this case, Death is a skeleton in a black robe, and carrying a scythe. He is very strict, and every time a student Isn't paying attention, he kills them.

The whole time, I am very frightened of this Death character. Unfortunately, because the guy I like so much is sitting right next to me, I am finding it really hard to concentrate on the lesson. Then, at one point in the dream , I forget about paying attention and I start talking to the one I like. When I look back, Death is standing right in front of my desk. He is really angry, and I am certain that I have made a mistake and that he is going to kill me for sure. Death is towering over me, and I find myself staring right into his face in absolute fear. Even though his face is a skull and he has no eyes, I am very aware that he is looking right at me. I also get the impression that somehow he knows exactly what I am thinking, and exactly how I feel, like there is nothing I can hide from him because he knows everything. Then, just as I think that my time has come, Death surprises me by simply saying, "pay attention", and goes back to teaching the course. So then I am very confused by his leniency when everyone else suffered the consequences for being distracted. But I also do pay attention after, as does the one sitting next to me, and we both make it through the lecture without getting killed off by Death

THE REALITY The dreamer had recently graduated. She had built up a relationship with a guy and was now attempting to continue it even though they lived in different cities. She was thinking of moving to his city but did not have enough money to do that immediately.

THE INTERPRETATION The guy in the dream was very special to the dreamer. Her relationship in real life was in a major state of transition as she had just graduated and now she was living a long distance relationship.

Death in dream is a fairly reliable symbol. It usually links to some period of change or transition. Here it clearly symbolises the possibility that this relationship could die off.

Yet the dream also clarifies her thoughts. The pictures represent the dreamers relationship over the Internet. She can literally picture what he is doing as he is describing in great deal his life and circumstances.

Actually the dream probably symbolises her own optimism for the relationship. The pictures in particular show that she feels that the relationship is viable even though at present its long distant.

Perhaps the leniency of the teacher represents her own surprise that the relationship is doing so well. She really deep down expected the relationship to be in danger of immediate collapse yet right now she is feeling optimistic.

Symbolic Meanings
DEATH : "an awareness that the relationship with her guy friend was in danger of dying"
MSN : "communication - this represents the long distant nature of the relationship"
PICTURE : "The dreamer is happy continuing the relationship. She can picture this guy in her own mind and is aware of what he is doing and how he is thinking"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am aware of the fact that my relationship with the guy in the dream is threatened by the circumstances of being so far apart. But I feel I can overcome these difficulties. However, it may take me some time to get together enough money to move to his city. It may even take up to a year."

See how the symbolic meanings capture some key thoughts about a relationship

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