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Crazy Horses dream about fighting the white men

A LEARNING DREAM I dreamt I was fighting the white men. I was showing my fellow Sioux indians how to strike at weak places in the enemy positions. We kept moving from place to place continually confusing the enemy

THE REALITY This dream occurred prior to a battle with American soldiers. Crazy horse had this dream and then used similar tactics to the dream. He struck the enemy with his ponies continually confusing them and placing them on the defensive.

DREAM INTERPRETATION If you are going to go into battle the next day then you need to be sure of your tactics. It would be easy to view this as a premonition. But that's probably a mistake as its clearly a learning dream. It quite clearly defines his intended tactics during the next days battle. The emphasis being on him showing his fellow warriors how to fight.

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SHOWING MY FELLOW SIOUX INDIANS HOW TO FIGHT:"The dream concentrates on how Crazy Horse intends to act and how he wishes to pursue certain tactics. The dream plays out how his strategy"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have some definite ideas on how to fight the white men's soldiers tomorrow. I will tell my fellow Sioux warriors how to fight exactly as I did in the dream"

See how Crazy Horses dream p[lays out his intended strategy.

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