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Dream - Real Madrid football stadium

THE DREAM I am outside the Football stadium of Real Madrid. There appears to be a match about to start.

THE REALITY The dreamer was a teacher and was attempting to promote some ideas in writing essays. He hoped to promote the need to base your arguments on reality. To use many practical examples. This was a strategy that he started to put into practice on the very day of the dream. These ideas had been forming in his mind and now he was starting to implement them.

THE INTERPRETATION Football stadiums are very public place. Often public places deal with issues which involve us with the world in general. Football also links to issues involving our strong support for one side over another(football involves passionate support). So in this sense the dream captures the dreamers very public support for one way of writing essays. The Team involved is a very clever word play.

The word Real links to his wish to keep things real and based on reality. To write essays which feature many examples. Often we will dream about issues involving our strategies. We often dream about work and how we will approach it especially if the work involves working with people.

Symbolic Meanings
REAL MADRID : the dreamer was trying to use as many REAL examples as possible in his teaching

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - I have been thinking about how best to put across my ideas to my students. I am trying to give as many examples as possible. Its about using as many examples from reality as possible

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