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A mythical place dream

THE DREAM I was in this place which was quite mythical - like the world of Nania - or something like that.

BACKGRkeOUND INFORMATION: The next day the dreamer was due to upload some changes to his website. It was now designed to handle phones. He was very optimistic about this.

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams are about our key feelings and the dreamer was looking forward to uploading chnages to his websites. How can we connect the symbols in this dream to the real life situation? What relevance does "Nania" and a "mythical place" have in this situation?

Let us first examine the dreamers probable emotions. He was uploading changes to his website and these were major changes. Soon his website was to be viewed on phones. He would obviously be looking forward to this. He might also be thinking "This is a whole new world. I have no experience of what this is going to be like." Also he was looking forward to this. So his main feeling was excitement.

Obviously some of these feelings are relevant to this situation. Certainly the whole new world and optimism. It is likely that "Nania" and "mythical place" are symbols which capture this type of feeling "I really don't know what to expect. This is a whole new world. I am so optimistic. But mainly I keep feeling curious about what is to come."

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