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Baby and a book - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I was in a college somewhere. I was reading a book and said that this was a good book. I was wanting to go to the staircase and stand where all the girls would see me with my new baby. I then was involved in a fight with a man. I said that I was not going to fight him.

The book in the dream reminded me of my report I have written at work. It is the culmination of several months intense research. The report was written in a similar font and layout style.

THE REALITY The dreamer had just completed a major work project. He felt the ideas in his research were good ones. He was pleased with himself and wanted to show off his skill and knowledge. He had also put in a lot of effort frequently and wanted to slow the pace down.

THE INTERPRETATION Colleges and books can link to the dreamers own work and the learning he has put in towards this. He was pleased with his finding and was emotionally attached to his results. We often describe a work project as "our baby" and in this case this was something that hew had taken great care with.

The fight at the end shows that the dreamer was not willing to engage in a struggle now. He felt he had put in a lot of effort at work and wanted to take things at a little more of a sedate pace.

In the dream the dreamer felt the book reminded him of his report at work and the research he had carried out. Such an association really clinches the dreams meaning. These associations do not happen by chance. The dream was definitely about his work project and his feelings about its finish.

Symbolic Meanings
BABY : "the dreamer had become emotionally attached to his work project and took great care with it - it was "His BABY" "
BOOK : "the dreamers own work and work project - well thought out "
COLLEGE : "the dreamer feels he has improved his own knowledge at work"
FIGHT : "The dreamer turns down the fight "
IMPRESS THE GIRLS : "the dreamer feels proud of his efforts and wants to show off his new skills "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I pleased with the research I did at work. I feel proud of myself and want to show off my newly acquired knowledge. I also want to slow down a little as the work has put a strain on me. "

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