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Dream symbols - mansion and Elizibethan ghosts

THE DREAM I was in some sort of house. It was a mansion on Weaponess park. This large house was near the tennis courts. I am looking at the house in detail. It had huge curtains . my parents were there but I did not seem to recognise them.

Later I went outside . I was in this garden. It was some Elizabethan type setting with all the people there being dressed in elegant clothes. They were all ghosts as I could see right through them.

Later I was in the private elementary school over the road. I was whizzing along some huge structure in the air. It was like a roadway in the air which went through all the buildings on that side of the road. I was going at immense speed. I seemed to be linked to some vast scheme of communication.

THE REALITY The dreamer was a teacher but was disappointed that his students were not picking up the ideas he was trying to encourage. He was therefore going back to the basics and trying to show exactly how his students should be thinking. He was trying to get them to think systematically and in a non lateral way.

THE INTERPRETATION Ghosts are often symbols of things that we are trying to do but do not seem to be succeeding at. For the dreamer the failure to encourage his students to understand the ideas he was teaching was a sound example of that. This was a very prominent issue in his mind on the day before the dream.

Gardens too seem to be very consistent with this issue as they link to ideas that we are encouraging. They link to ways of thinking and habits that are taking root and have real meaning in our lives.

Tennis courts are also a symbol which seem to link with the issue. Tennis symbolises how we are going round in circles just doing the same thing without any real progress. The ball just goes back and forth with no real progress. This symbolised how the dreamer felt as if no real progress was being made despite all his efforts.

Mansions too are links to other people. They are very linked to ideas and ways of thinking that we encourage with others. Huge buildings of all kinds are symbols of our relationship with the wider world and other people. Mansions are not symbols of the self on its own. They symbolise own own personality and how we feel that we are coping in relationship to other people.

The elementary school was symbolic of how the dreamer was going back to basics. It shows how he wished to teach basic and very simple ideas. He felt the way to get across the ideas was to simplify them as much as possible and not complicate the whole issue.

Dream Symbols
CURTAIN : "making something look good - perhaps making her ideas seem good"
ELEMENTARY SCHOOL : "going back to basic - the dreamer is going back to basics and seeing how her teaching methods are failing"
ELIZABETHAN : "elaborate and carefully hand crafted"
GARDEN : "growth and learning - how well ideas and techniques are being picked up "
GHOST : "something you want to do but it is clearly not happening right now - the dreamers vision for how things can be"
MANSION : "your own thoughts and feelings and how they are affected and shaped by others"
TENNIS : "no real progress - a great effort but the ball simply goes back and forth - the dreamer feels as if no progress is being made"
WEAPONESS : "using some technique or method at our disposal"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been encourage my students into picking up some ideas. But I am starting to face the facts that they are not really learning very quickly. I have this vision of how well they can learn and its just not happening"

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