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Dream interpretation - moving into a new flat

You can quite often tell what a dream is about by using associations. This dream had many random references to art and so the dream could easily be about the dreamers artwork - which he had recently taken up as a hobby.

THE DREAM I am in a house. I appear to be moving into it. The whole place is very untidy. Then I hear a noise and its the owner who is renting the house to me coming in. I apologize for the untidy state of the place. She says its OK. I am talking to her about my art pictures. I am joking that I have been doing some nudes. I am hoping that she does not think these tacky.

There are many people here by this stage. The place is crammed full of interesting people. I say to her - "Do you want these people to leave"? She says no. Then she spots something she likes - "denim". I say that these items have been left by the previous tenant and that she can have them.

I am then looking round the building even more. I notice that in one room lots of wallpaper is peeling off the walls. Underneath this is artwork painted directly onto the walls. I decide that I will use these and claim them as my own. They are wondrous paintings. The whole building is also very architectural and beautiful.

Then I am suddenly on my own. The building is cold. I notice that its difficult to heat.

THE REALITY The dreamer had recently taken up art. He had been copying old pictures using a tracing machine which projected against the walls. He was starting to move into a new phase in his life. He was starting to make some new and interesting friends. His continued progress depended upon a particular woman helping him. She seemed willing to help him but he also had bad tendencies to reject help and be very cold and isolated.

DREAM INTERPRETATION It is important to make associations with dream symbols in order to make sense of them. This dream has some good symbols which immediately show how the dream relates to reality. It features artwork which was definitely a major interest in the dreamers life at that time. In the dream the pictures were on the wall. In reality the pictures he drew started off against a wall as he used a tracing machine which projected images against a wall. So this immediately gives a clue as to the dreams meaning. Its in some way connected to the artwork. We can guess that its about his life in general and how the art hobby was changing him.

House dreams do tend to be about your personality. They refer to how you are coping in life and changing. This dreamer was making progress as he had been previously very shy and timid. Recently his life was more interesting which perhaps is reflected in the interesting people in his new house. The very fact that this was a new flat shows that he was changing in a major way.

The dream also seems to touch on the dreamer wish to make friends with a woman he knew. She seemed sympathetic towards him. In the dream the owner of the house is a woman. So this probably refers to her. Her ownership of his flat shows how important she was to him and how much he depended upon her.

The dreamer also touches on the other parts of the dreamers personality. The house was untidy reflecting his currently disorganized state. It was also later very cold. That referred to some of his worse habits. He tended to be cold and prone to isolation. He had suffered from depression.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
COLD ON OWN : "The dreamer had some bad tendencies - he tended to be very cold and distant emotionally"
MOVING HOUSE : "The dreamer was changing and moving in real life into a new and more interesting phase"
WOMAN OWNER : "The dreamer was really trying to befriend a woman who he felt could help him. Continued progress would depend upon her. She was willing to help but he also had tendencies towards being isolated and cold emotionally which he would have to overcome."
PICTURES IN WALLS: "The dreamer had recently become interested in artwork. This dream symbol probably refers to his tracing machine which projected images into the wall. He traced old interesting pictures and then made them into something new"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am changing as a person. I have a new interest in art. I am also meeting new people. I am trying to form a friendship with a woman I know and I hope that she will help me progress even more. I know I can tend to be very cold still and have some very bad tendencies."

See how the Symbolic meanings refer to real life personality changes.

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