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Nothing to do - dream analysis

THE DREAM I was keeping my files up to date. (It all reminded me of thirty years ago when I worked doing this. I worked six days a week and the company did not open on a Sunday). It was a Sunday and there was nothing to do. Things were going slowly and we were not busy at all. I was up to date in every way.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer had been working frantically on a project for some time. Now he was just about up to date. Soon he would have to get used to a much more sedate pace. He liked to get emotionally involved in his work and really liked to work hard.

Look for obvious clues in your dreams. In this dream there was a feeling "there is nothing to do." This was a theme which might soon be very relevant in the dreamers life. He was almost caught up and soon he would face the problem of having nothing to do.

Notice how the dreamer does not pick on an obvious metaphor. The dream is about work from thirty years ago. Why? The basic theme was still the same "having nothing to do." Dreams will pick on any example which expresses the main point. Even if its from thirty years ago.

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