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Dream - saving the girl I like

THE DREAM - I dreamt of a girl that I am attracted to. She fell off her church roof and I saved her by catching her. In the process I injured my ribs. She came to visit me in hospital.

THE REALITY The dreamer was attracted to the girl in the dream. Recently he had been finding out things about her. What she liked and disliked.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams are stories which help reveal our emotions. What does this dream reveal? The dreamer saves the girl he finds attractive. In doing so he injures himself. This suggests that he is willing to put himself into danger in order to help her. It's the dreams way of saying "she is important to me" and "I would protect her if she was in danger."

It seems likely that the dream is fantasy. The dream creates a situation where he becomes the hero. He saves the girl he fancies. The dream simply creates a story which indulges the dreamers fantasies.

The dream is a fantasy yet we should not think that this is negative. The dreamer does not seem deluded. It seems likely that he is thinking about the girl he likes. His imagination was running wild. These feelings spilled over into the dream world.

The dream merely shows the dreamers intentions as he hopes to do something which will please this girl. So he sending all kinds of positive signals out to her.

Notice also, how the dreamer ends up in hospital. This allows him to play both the role of hero and victim. He becomes her hero by saving her. But he is injured so the story allows her to show her sympathy. So this is a perfect storyline to express the dreamers feelings.

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