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THE ROAD MAP - dream

THE DREAM My husband doesn't often dream so he recalls them but this one was so clear it is worth sharing. He woke up with it clearly in his mind.

The dream was in very vivid colour. He was looking at a map of the coast with the task of redesigning the road systems to a single more direct route.

The way the map was set out there were multiple networks of red roads on the map but no direct route. Using a small paint brush and water colour blue he ran a road along the coastline to mark out the new route by hand. He felt frustrated when he noticed the water colour kept bleeding into the paper so he couldn't get the crisp edge he really was hoping to get.

That's the whole dream.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION My husband started a new job last week and has found it involves so much more than he expected. Each time the job seems clear other hidden aspects to the work come to light that make the boundaries of his work range blurry. Just like the edge to his water colour road he painted on the existing map.

As his wife I found it helpful to talk about this dream with my husband as it enabled me to share his feelings about his new job in a calm and objective way. We must have spent a good 45 minutes in one session and several more minutes talking about aspects of this dreams meaning on and off over the day.

Being able to share this challenge has resulted in a calmness at home that has been helpful to us both.

Unclesirbobby (POSTED January 22, 2012, 15: 7: 16)
Dreams are often about important issues in our lives. But they do not just randomly link to that issue. Often a dream, if correctly interpreted, will PINPOINT some very clear point which is developing in your mind. That will encapsulate exactly what you think. It may represent your best way ahead, or some critical thinking about how you have done so far. But these dreams go to the very heart of our brain processes.

I see the connection you make here. Just as things seem clearer as to what he has to do they instantly have a new blurred edge. So really he dream, as you are saying, captures this thought - "just as I start to understand what my job is then something new happens which changes my understanding of what my job is"

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