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Children using ingenuity - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I am in a house. It has several stories. Dinner is being made. Something goes wrong and I realise that lots of fish has simply gone to waste. That's the fault of my sister. Later there is a little girl who is running around half naked whilst no one is doing anything. There is also lots of knives. I have cleverly placed them so that they are available for all to use on the walls.

Later I am in a skyscraper. At one point I move to the top floor. After a short while I ask permission to go downstairs for a short while before coming back up again.

The parent jokingly jumps over a barrier or balcony. Its a joke because the child thinks its on the top floor and she will be jumping to her certain death. Yet its revealed as a joke. But security is there telling them its wrong to do that. They should not go near the balcony at all.

There are lots of children around and they are using their own ingenuity. They set up a heating system by using the shower to create heat. I am trying to set up a game of chess. I decide to get two boards - one is a full size board with large pieces whilst the other is a small magnetic board which is for easy viewing. Yet the children have not got magnetic chess pieces.

THE REALITY The dreamer was a teacher and had been trying to encourage her students to think in certain ways. She wanted them to take control and use their own ingenuity. She was thinking about strategies and how to teach them. It was not just about showing them the answer.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dreamer woke up and did not really know what this dream was about. Often its worth trying to establish some simple links to real life issues. One link here was with the dream symbol children. Children can symbolise your enthusiasms or enthusiasms in some sense. The dreamer racked here brain and felt that she had been trying to engage her students enthusiasms.

So she then tried to develop this line of thinking. The dream involved chess and chess is definitely linked to strategy. That was very relevant here as she had been engaged in a strategy towards her students.

There were other strong links to the dream and this real life issue. The dream featured a skyscraper and that too could be seen as relevant with the issue. She had been trying to get her students to have confidence in themselves.

The early part of the dream was also relevant. Perhaps the early part of the dream represented the dreamers feelings about her own strategy. She felt she had been wasting energy(wasting fish) in trying to just solve her students problems. The house is more likely to be a symbol of herself yet the skyscraper is more symbolic of other people. Large building can symbolise other people and how we relate to them.

Its not an ideal solution to the dream but there are many strong links here. Its a dream that deals with complex symbols.

Symbolic Meanings
CHESS : "strategies - in this case the dreamers strategy towards teaching her students"
CHILDREN : "enthusiasms - trying to engage her students enthusiasms "
SKYSCRAPER : "appearing confident"
SUICIDE : "giving up - she does not want her students to give up"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been trying to change my teaching methods. In many ways I want my students to depend less on me. I want them to have confidence in their own abilities. I tried this out and yesterday the results were very good. I will try to develop this strategy"

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