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Dream symbolism - picture

Dreams are often easy to interpret. This dream featured "fear" and most dreams link to something that the dreamer fears right now.

THE DREAM I am upstairs somewhere. There is the husband of a good friend there. I seem to be quite fearful. Then I seem to be thinking to myself that "the trick is not to picture it".

THE REALITY The dreamer was breaking a law which he really despised. He fully did not intend to comply with the law. It was a petty and ridiculous law. But he was constantly worried about getting caught and took lots of precautions.

THE INTERPRETATION Picture and painting dreams are often easy to solve. A picture in dreams relates to something that you are picturing in your mind. You are maybe painting a picture of how someone will respond if they were to find something out. So to solve the dream look for themes in your thoughts where you are picturing something.

In this case the dream did make one connection. He had been fearful of getting caught for breaking a bureaucratic law. But he was over fearful of the law and of getting caught. He was determined to carry on with this law breaking but realised that he needed to stop getting so worried and paranoid about getting caught. He would have to stop picturing the worst consequences.

Symbolic Meanings
PICTURING : "picturing something in your mind - in this case getting caught for evading a law"
UPSTAIRS : "your imagination - your fears and worries"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I really do not want to comply with this stupid law. But I could easily get caught. However, half my problem is that I worry too much about it. I keep picturing the worst"

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