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Mass Murder in a dream

DREAM - Mass Murder I saw my friends outside of a glass window, so I called my friend Kevin and asked him what they were going to do. He said Ashley was going to get a tattoo in the SE. Which is way across town. I wanted to stay home and be lazy but for some reason I said "Oh Ill come with you!"

So then we end up at this tattoo place that is just packed and I'm wondering how I'm going to get home. A friend dropped us of there and I forgot my bus pass at home. Then it was Ashley's turn to get her tattoo. So we sit next to her and all of a sudden she's getting her nails done. And during this whole process I don't think its weird I'm just going along with it. She is asking me what color looks best but not listening to my ideas so I go outside and look around and all of a sudden they and the shop is gone and I'm at what appears to be a prep school.

There are all these people around in the hallways and going to get things out of their locker. Then it was like I wasn't there just looking over the situation. So a teacher comes into the hall and calls this teenager that looks like the omen kid or something. Tall black hair and pale. (Mind you I don't watch scary movies so I don't think that would be related.) She takes him into a room that has this triangle looking ladder/contraption. There is a black guy and he says "OK we have to get your height and weight."

IDK how the kid gets the gun next but Somehow he gets a shot gun that apparently has unlimited ammo. and the teachers try to run but he is fast. he shoots them both. Then its him going on a rampage. I feel like I am overlooking every scene and also feel connected to everyone he is killing and him. I will be in the victim trying to hide then in the killer like I'm secretly telling him where they are. This goes on Everyone is trying to hide in the school but he finds them all and he just cant be stopped he just says sarcastic remarks before he kills each and everyone of the students. But when he is finally going after two kids who are obviously not very good at hiding, they are throwing around dishes in the kitchen, he comes in and they hide (and I woke up because my alarm went off there)

This dream was posted on on the July 29, 2012, 10:07 by Ray. It was viewed 26 times

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: During the last six months five people the dreamer knew have died. Just recently a close friend died who was just 23 years old. The dreamer felt sad for a day but was not feeling any remorse.

ASSOCIATIONS AND SYMBOLISM: The dream features the following associations and symbolic meanings
1. MASS MURDER: If someone commits mass murder then many innocent people get killed for no reason. We start to feel "why did this happen?" Dreams use metaphors to describe our emotions and mass murder is an excellent metaphor for the dreamers predominant emotions. She had lost several friends just recently - the last of which was only 23 years old. The dreamer reported that she felt a little indifferent to this latest death. Maybe this dream taps into this indifference - when lots of people are killed we start to become indifferent to death.
2. TATOO: The dreamer had been thinking about all these recent deaths in her life. So in what way could a tattoo be relevant? We get tattoo's to help define ourselves. People get tattoos which clearly refer to people that are important to us - tattoos of peoples names (girlfriends or boyfriends). So this dream could link in with the dreamers thoughts about commemorating her friendship with someone who has just died.

DREAM ANALYSIS: The dream seems to deal with the following themes:
- People dying for no reason
- Openly showing someone's importance to you

If you weave together these different symbolic meanings and link them to real life events and thoughts in the dreamers life then you will find the dream captures this thought - "I cannot believe that my friend has died. Several friends have died recently and I simply cannot make sense of their deaths. My friend was just 23 - I think I have become a bit indifferent to these deaths."

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