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Dream symbolism - rape

Dreams are about our feelings. This dreamer was coming into contact with men who were very sexist. The rape in the dream probably linked to the disrespect this men showed for women.

THE DREAMI have been dreaming of getting raped!

THE REALITYThe dreamer had been pressured by a guy she works with. He keeps telling her that he likes her and that she is pretty. He is Mexican and is married with a child. The dreamer told her friend who has threatened to beat the man up. Before that she was uneasy with him because he looked weirdly at her. The dreamer felt worried because she is working in a building with him alone for much of the time.

DREAM INTERPRETATION These dreams seem to be linked to a situation with a man at work. Dreams are linked to issues of judgment. It is a very difficult task to tell when sexual banter between men and women crosses the line and becomes sexually inappropriate. Often women feel that they should put up with sexual comments because its part of a group culture. If people around them accept this then they will be pressured into putting up with inappropriate behavior.

It seems that these dreams link to the man who was making sexual comments towards her at work. They started after an incident were she felt he was going to kiss her. Since then she has become worried because she works on her own with this man so feels vulnerable. However, she does not want to cause trouble for him because he has a wife and child back home. So quite clearly she feels torn. She feels uncomfortable yet does not want to over react.

Symbolic Meanings
RAPE : "The dreamers dilemma. She feels sexually harassed by her co-worker"

DREAM MEANINGThe dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I feel pressured sexually by a Mexican guy at work. I think he can behave in a sexually inappropriate way. He looked at me and I thought he was going to kiss me. I do not want to cause trouble and get him fired though because he has a wife and child back home in Mexico".

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