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Staying calm with snake - dream interpretation

Dreams are linked to recent emotions. This dream took place the day after the dreamer had had sex with a man for the first time

THE DREAM I was dreaming about a snake approaching to me. It was the biggest snake I have seen. It had bright colors and was really huge. I heard my best friend telling me "stay still. Turn your back slowly and just stay calm and it wont hurt you." And I did just as she said. The snake was about to come around me but I was still calm, although scared.

THE REALITY The dreamer had just had a sexual experience with a man she met whilst on holiday. She had found it difficult to achieve an orgasm. Her partner realised this and explained to her that it was because they did not have enough time and had slightly rushed this.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Snakes have for many years been known as sexual metaphors. This dream occurred after this sexual experience and shows the dreamer learning more about her own body and how to feel sexual pleasure. The dream clearly has a feel of the advice that was given to her. The best friend probably symbolises the role that her lover was playing - the role of best friend who would talk things through and be sympathetic to her needs. Often huge things can link to the outside world. It shows that someone or something has had a big impact on you.

Symbolic Meanings
BEST FRIEND : "an ideal situation - the dreamers lover is trying to be as considerate as possible"
CALM : "the dreamers lover was trying to calm her down"
SNAKE : "a sexual symbol"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am on holiday and have met a man whom I had sex with".

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