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Discussion and baby dream interpretation

This dream does not follow reality exactly yet it does follow the general direction of the dreamers emotions the day before towards a woman that he had helped.

THE DREAM I am with my sister. She is talking with me. I think its just a general discussion but she then starts to point out times and dates. There seems to be some connection with sex. She also seems to have a baby. I then hold her baby and play with it. I point the baby at something across the road.

THE REALITY The previous day the dreamer had got some good praise off a lady. She was impressed by his ideas. But he had then pointed out something new. The dreamer helped this lady sort out a problem.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The baby represented the idea that the dreamers friend had adopted - thanks to the dreamers original advice. When the dreamer plays with the baby he then starts to develop the ideas he had suggested already. The times and dates are references to specific data. This signifies how the dreamer helped the lady understand an idea to the extent that she could apply it specifically.

Sex often links to when you you overwhelmingly are praised on something or if you come to an agreement.

Pointing the baby in a new direction - that signifies how the ideas where developed by the dreamer. Looking across the road symbolises how you are pointing out some alternative way of seeing something.

Symbolic Meanings
ACROSS : "a different way of thinking"
BABY : "exciting ideas and circumstances newly born into your life - taking an opportunity enthusiastically"
PLAY : "play with some ideas and thoughts"
POINT ACROSS ROAD: "pointing something out - The dreamer is pointing the friend in the right direction "
ROAD : "events in real life as they bump into you and impact on your thoughts"
SEX : "something very appealing - the dreamer quite liked the praise off this woman in real life"
SISTER : "thinking freely and openly - the dreamer helped open the friends mind to some new ideas"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "She was praising me so much. I think I helped her sort things out in her mind. I pointed her in the right direction"

Try to see how the symbolic meanings weave together to form a conceptual insight into current events

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