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Eager jockey dream

THE DREAM I was a jockey and was eager to get started with the racing.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer had always been very reticent and shy. Just recently she had become more confident and ready to compete generally in life.

Dreams are very much linked to our moods. A happy dream will often just mean that we are happy. A sad dream will show that you are sad. A draing dream will show that you are feeling particularly daring at the moment. Look for ways in which your dream mirrors your mood.

The dreamer was known for being shy and quite phobic. He did not like crowds. In this dream he was eager and anxious to take part in a race. This was most unusual for the dreamer. However, in real life he had been much more outgoing than usual. He was feeling daring and eager for a challenge. He was still largely very shy and phobic. But for him he was much more daring and outgoing than usual.

The jockey in this dream is an excellent symbol for this new daring mood. A jockey takes part in a race and so links by association with competitiveness. He was willing to take more risks than usual. He was willing to challenge himself more than usual. So the dream seems an excellent metaphor for this type of feeling "I am usually very shy and take very few risks. But right now I am more able to take risks. I am more willing to challenge myself."

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