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Castle dream of Carl Jung - dream symbolism

You can tell a dream is about a subject because there will be little coincidences. This dream featured one of Carl Jung's patients so it was possible that the dream was about his thoughts concerning this patient.

THE DREAM This was a dream of Carl Jung. I was walking along a countryside road through a valley. It was lit by the evening sunshine. On the right hand side was a castle stood on a steep hill. There was a woman right at the top of the castle sat on a bench. In order to get a good view I had to look right up. I felt the pain in my neck as I was looking up so high. I recognized the woman as a patient of mine. When I woke up I figured out that because I was looking up to her in the dream I was looking down to her in reality.

THE REALITY The dreamer (Carl Jung) was treating a patient. He was unable to understand her dream . In reality he realised that he had been looking down on her. Instead he needed to respect her more and after that he found her dream much more accessible.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dream meaning seems beyond doubt. The dreamer had been trying to understand why he did not understand this woman's dream . The bending of the neck back left him with a clear association - he had been looking down on her. Such associations coming from the dreamer should not be ignored. They are usually the key to understanding the dream .

The other symbols can also be understood in the dream . The dreamer has obviously made the conclusion that this woman was difficult to understand. Two symbols tend to support this idea. The countryside for one is symbolic of the woman's inaccessibility. The countryside can link with anything that is remote or inaccessible. Her it is his patient who he finds difficult to understand. The castle is also associated with this as it too is difficult to get inside. You have to scale huge walls to get inside.

Dream Symbolism
CASTLE : "The dreamer was difficult to understand - difficult to access - possibly defensive"
COUNTRYSIDE : "The dreamer did not understand his patient. He was cut off from her. Her mind was inaccessible"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I really cannot understand this woman's dream . I just sit there and they make no sense whatsoever. I have been thinking about this and perhaps I have got to stop looking down on her and have to respect her more as a person"

Try to see how the symbolic meanings weave together to form a conceptual insight into something that has just happened

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