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Kissing my crush - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I'm staying at a hotel with some kind of group of people, but they aren't really involved in the dream. I'm going to my friend Jason's hotel room, whom I have a real life crush on, wearing only a lavender bathrobe, and I tell myself I'm going there to say goodnight. So I get to his room, he opens the door, and it's kind of like in a movie, with all kinds of intense sexual tension. So I go in, and sit down on the bed, more awkward tension, and then somehow we lean in to kiss, but are interrupted by a knock at the door. I jump up, not wanting to be caught, and open the door to my three real life little sisters. They come in and watch TV for a while, and just hang out. Finally, they leave the room, and suddenly I'm just in a short white towel. I look over at Jason from where I've been laying on the second bed in the hotel room, he motions me over to the other bed and holds his arm out for me to crawl up under. So, of course, I do, and we kiss for awhile, it's amazing, and I wake up.

THE REALITY The dreamer is attracted to this guy and would like to make out with him.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams do occasionally dwell on our fantasies. There maybe occasional hints to help us understand the dream better. A hotel is a place where we have everything done for us. In this case it probably links to the dreamers wish to have her crush take control and romance her.

The little sisters are probably symbolic of innocence within the dreamer. Perhaps her fantasy would involve his recognition of her vulnerability and innocence.

Symbolic Meanings
HOTEL : "the dreamers wish for her crush to take control and meet all her needs"
LITTLE SISTERS : "showing her vulnerable side and innocence and he would recognise this "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following emotions within the dreamer - "I have a fantasy about this guy. I just wish he would take control and romance me. It would be just right and he would do everything. He would help calm me down and would recognise my innocence. It would be just perfect"

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