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I was a dolphin dream

THE DREAM I was a dolphin. In my dream I was a dolphin. I had someone talking to me the whole time explaining what was going on but I couldnt see them. I decided to swim very far down so I could be with a mermaid. I then morphed into a seagull and I was with a bunch of other seagulls and people. They were in the middle of a prayer circle.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The day before the dreamer went to a spiritual shop in the mall and was looking at glass figurines of dolphins, books about chakras and energy.

DREAM ANALYSIS: Dolphins are symbols of spiritualism. This dreamer made a simple association as she had been in a spritual shop the day before then the dream was about that. It is likely that the dream captures this type of thought "going into that spiritualist shop yesterday set me off thinking about spiritual matters." After visiting the shop her emotions continued and found an outlet in a dream.

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